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Renting point.
Bik-e renting point is located in Alba, Corso Piave 219 . You could find it by typing “ebike renting” on Google Maps.
If you desire, you could receive your ebike directly at your address (you have to book this service almost 7 days before the starting day rent, or ask our staff).
The rental service provided is for: ebike, helmet, padlock. If the rental service is longer than 1 day, you’ll receive a mobile battery charger.
Take with you always a k-way, a backbag, some drinks!
Remember the ebike is under your responsibility! Every time you’ll let it alone, close it and take with you the display (if it is possible) and the battery pack. Are you good to inflate a blown tire? Practice it! Rarely it happens, but’s not impossible! Our staff could help you, but maybe it could take a lot of time and you’ll lose it!
If you desire a special tour with our guides, ask more to plan it.
If you desire a Garmin already mapped with hot points to see, ask! For groups of more than  5 people, the Garmin (one item per group) is free. On the whole, the day rental is 10€ per item.

NOTE: Valid identity card or passport is request.